This is another square for Becky’s January Squares challenge. She posted a teacup through her lens ball and it reminded me of a teacup I had in my archives.

Last year I’d attended a fund-raiser tea at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. The event was to raise money for the restoration of the Empress Josephine’s coronation garments. You can see the details here: FIDM Museum Blog: Empress Jos√©phine’s Coronation Ensemble

We had a tour of the gallery afterwards. The train worn by Empress Josephine is shown beneath the painting of the coronation. It gave all of us shivers to see the actual garment; it was so beautiful.

Here is what the garments look like that they were intending to restore; you can see what a huge project they were undertaking.

I understand it will be several years before the garments are fully restored. I hope there will be a full exhibit at the museum once they’re done.

Becky’s Upside Down in a Teacup

What we see, what we remember

What we see, what we remember

I find that my memories are stored in my mind as snapshots–quick glimpses of a moment or event. When I reflect on that small window, I then experience more of what happened and re-live the experience. My photos are a way of enlarging those snapshots in my mind as well as reminding me of the wonderful life I’ve lived. I love to share these and I encourage others to remember and cherish their moments and life.

I had a wonderful tea yesterday at the T Room teahouse in Montrose, CA. Here are some of my snapshots and memories.


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