On a warm Spring day in Santa Barbara CA, we found this artist building up sand:

Mermaid built-up from sand.

This is part of Becky’s January Squares with the theme “Up”.

I’m sure looking forward to being able to walk on the beach & pier soon!

Quiet reflection moments

Quiet reflection moments


When I need a quiet place just to think and reflect, I find myself drawn to the beauty and peace of a cemetery. Far from being spooky, I find them places of beautiful sculpture that I find calming. In our older cemeteries, they are filled with the names of people no one now remembers or even knew. But I know they too had their struggles, hope, dreams, and challenges. This is a reminder to me that whatever is bothering me will eventually pass. Life goes on for me, for now. And I must seize the moments I have.

Old Colorado City

We visited Old Colorado City, a part of Colorado Springs, this month. It’s an old west style town with lots of character and charm. We had a delicious dinner at the Italian Bistro Paravicini’s; I highly recommend it. After dinner, we walked the town and enjoyed the charm of it all.

Old Colorado City mural


Guitars & Wood Boxes

Each year the San Diego Fine Woodworkers put on an exhibit at the San Diego Fair and each year I am enthralled with work displayed. This year is no different. There are beautiful lamps, sculptures, furniture and vases but as I viewed the work I became especially intrigued with the guitars and the wooden boxes.

The craftsmanship and artistry employed to make these useful objects beautiful truly adds to the charm of life. Playing music on a lovely handmade guitar is a treat for the musician and adds to the enjoyment by the listener. Storing treasures in one of these beautiful boxes makes the treasure all the more special.

This year’s theme is A Fair to Remember—and I would add that I found the Design in Wood exhibit very much worth remembering.

Beautiful wood artistry

Beautiful wood artistry

Wooden “Leather” Saddles

Wooden “Leather” Saddles

      Have you ever had your eye fooled? Where what you saw wasn’t really what the thing was? These saddles are carved out of wood with the intention that you think they are leather. The tooling is done just as it’s done on leather so that the artwork is as an intricate and ornate. Isn’t it interesting? I love how these saddles, done at 40% of life-size, look like they are made of formed and tooled fine leather.

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