Growing Up

A few years ago, my sister and her family got a new puppy. To get a sense of his size, she sent me photos with the tv remote next to him over the next few months.

This is for Becky’s January Squares. I’d actually made these squares at the time to show our Mom but rediscovered them as I was going through my archives. It’s too fun not to share.

Same remote, same dog. Just growing up!

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A little Pile-up

At the park late last Spring, I saw this family of ducklings swimming in the pond. Once everyone was all tired and fed, the Mom herded them to the shore and everyone settled in for a nap.

This is for Becky’s January Squares with the topic of UP. I love the images bloggers are sharing; it’s fun to see the creativity.

Upside Down

I’m having a lot of fun looking through my images for anything related to Becky’s January Squares theme “UP”. I’d forgotten about this critter I saw last March during our first week of COVID lockdown. I’m always amazed at how they can cling to anything in any position!

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Cooped UP with the bunnies

I’m continuing with Becky’s January Squares project with the theme of UP. This is Princess, a kitty I saw in the rabbit coop while visiting a vineyard/farm in the Paso Robles, CA area.

Why is this kitty locked up with the bunnies?

I approached the coop and she came up to me, purring loudly and very friendly.

I asked about her when I was making my purchase and I found out her “crime”. Apparently she was too friendly to the guests who were there for a wine tasting. She was just too lovey and had to be cooped UP!

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Pup Leaping Up

Becky’s January Squares looks like fun. The topic is “Up” and the photo must be square. Easy enough.

My neighbor’s dog were having a play-date and chasing each other with a ball. They were having such a good time I had to get the camera. I got this really fun photo from the ground-level view. It always makes me smile!

Onward and Upward – The life of B (

Warm weather friends

Warm weather friends

It’s moving closer to warm weather in California and we are starting to see lizards in the gardens.

Lizard-1040300I love their spritely moves and the push-ups in the sunshine always bring a smile to my lips.

I’ve always thought they were strictly bug-eaters until I saw this!Lizard-9347New insights!

Colorful webbed feet!

Colorful webbed feet!

Feet are something to take for granted. They’re for transportation and the shape and size depends upon how an animal moves. But, I’m curious as to why there so many different colors of waterfowl feet? Here’s a sample of what I’ve found.


Mankind’s Best Workers

Mankind’s Best Workers

Dogs may be our “best friends” but bees are our best workers. They pollinate our fields, flowers, and all types of foliage. Seeing a beehive makes me appreciate all those workers and their organization and coordination!