Cooped UP with the bunnies

I’m continuing with Becky’s January Squares project with the theme of UP. This is Princess, a kitty I saw in the rabbit coop while visiting a vineyard/farm in the Paso Robles, CA area.

Why is this kitty locked up with the bunnies?

I approached the coop and she came up to me, purring loudly and very friendly.

I asked about her when I was making my purchase and I found out her “crime”. Apparently she was too friendly to the guests who were there for a wine tasting. She was just too lovey and had to be cooped UP!

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Obstacles, impediments, challenges

Obstacles, impediments, challenges

Being human means we are always encountering new challenges. Some inspire us and make us feel energetic and eager. Others are draining. Many times it’s only our attitude that makes a difference but some challenges are just downright miserable and we just have to deal with it.

This brings me to Gigi. She is a rescue dog who had bone-cancer in one leg so it was amputated. With the sweetest disposition for any animal (critter or human), she doesn’t seem to notice her missing-leg challenge. She just hops along on one front leg. Granted, she doesn’t have to get a job, buy groceries or get along in traffic but she is an inspiration. Sometimes, we just have to work with the lousy challenges we’ve got. Gigi is inspiring me to try to maintain a good disposition!

Sunflower Thief

Sunflower Thief

The sunflowers are growing tall and beautiful in the Fullerton Arboretum cultivated gardens. These individual plots are an interesting mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and they’re full of quirky garden toys and art. This little squirrel snatched one of the sunflowers, scurried up a Sycamore tree, and proceeded to nibble away. He didn’t seem to mind my watching.

Pointy Ears and Long Tails

Gabby_ (6)I find cats to be so engaging and endearing. They have standoffish ways and I don’t like their sharp teeth and claws but still, I love seeing them.

Over the last six months, a neighbor’s cat befriended us. She would look for us as we took our periodic walks and herd us over to her favorite territory. We’ve spent a whole lot of time sitting on the cold winter sidewalk petting, hanging out together and listening to her purr.

She (with her family) moved last month and although I do not miss the fur on my hands & face and in my nose, I do miss those pointy ears and her thumping tail.