Walking next to the mini-train

One of the regional parks in our area has a little train that runs a 1-mile loop in the park. They decorate it seasonally and it recently took on it’s harvest look. There was also a pumpkin patch so the place was filled with kids that day. Walking by the tracks as the train went by got me lots of waves and smiles and even a blown kiss from a cutie dressed as a bee!

This is an entry for Becky’s November Squares.

4 thoughts on “Walking next to the mini-train

  1. Thank you for your visit. I like this photograph. We have a vintage train that runs on long weekends and school holidays. I would dearly love to spend time in the area photographing the train and the township. However, it is now within the Flinders Ranges National Park and I just don’t like the idea of forking out a $2000 fine for taking my dog into a National Park. Much of this entire state is either NAtional Park, or part of a Military Play Pen


    • That’s unfortunate for you. I know how disappointing it is to have great things to photograph that are just out of reach! Hopefully you have other good things to shoot.


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