Drink Up!

On a walk at one of our local regional parks, I saw these woodpeckers hanging out at the base of two branches. Then I noticed they had created a watering hole.

I moved in slowly so I could get a close shot. It was lots of fun to watch them having a morning drink. Finally, just one was left.

This is another contribution to Becky’s January Squares. We’re nearing the end of the month already!

14 thoughts on “Drink Up!

    • I had to look them up (I didn’t even realize they were woodpeckers!) and apparently they live together in a group. They all raise the young together and stash acorns in trees that they use for a “pantry”. I just love those red heads!

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  2. Great shots of beautiful birds! We’ve just started to get woodpeckers in our local park (west London) but so far I haven’t had a clear sighting, never mind a chance to take a photo!

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