Quiet reflection moments


When I need a quiet place just to think and reflect, I find myself drawn to the beauty and peace of a cemetery. Far from being spooky, I find them places of beautiful sculpture that I find calming. In our older cemeteries, they are filled with the names of people no one now remembers or even knew. But I know they too had their struggles, hope, dreams, and challenges. This is a reminder to me that whatever is bothering me will eventually pass. Life goes on for me, for now. And I must seize the moments I have.

2 thoughts on “Quiet reflection moments

  1. I like old graveyards too, for much the same reasons. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter regularly – I haven’t been here for some time because your blog seemed to have expired and i’ve just noticed you’ve revived it. Welcome back!

  2. Thanks Anabel. I love your blog and all the beautiful places you visit; thanks for sharing them. I hope to be a more regular contributor!

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